We started in 2012 and we located in khalidiyah dabbas street.  We follow the Creative Curriculum for Preschool which allows children from 45 days to 48 months (4 years) to learn through doing.

We are a well-established preschool with a committed and highly trained knowledgeable personnel, a team that aims to provide the very best for you and your child. The children will experience a rich learning environment that will meet the fundamentals of the Creative Curriculum.

Baby Bird Nursery is an excellent place for your child to start friendship, the children are able move freely within the school. This is exceptionally beneficial in helping children to settle into their new school environment.

The Nursery Setup

bb1Infants Section – The infants are provided a calm environment with natural sounds where they get daily and weekly massages depending with their ages. The classes have a small number of children per classroom which allows the qualified teacher and babysitters to spend quality individual time with the children on a daily basis.

bb7Toddlers – This group is a very curious bunch and therefore we offer a play area full of soft toys that allow them to explore their surroundings in a very safe area. The class is designed to cover the needs of the children and fully covered for extra protection. A qualified teacher and babysitters attend to the children as the class sizes are small they can concentrate on all the children.

Preschoolers – We have 4 classrooms and an additional classroom that we specifically use for preschool activities. This room is solely for children who are in their last nursery year before starting proper school, where we plan more structured activities in preparation for the move to formal education. With a small number of children in each class, this gives us a good class-staff-ratio and it enables the qualified teachers and babysitters to give an increased amount of attention therefore meeting the needs of all the children

The setup of our nursery provides opportunities for children of all ages to play freely explore the environment and enjoy individual attention, therefore making Baby Bird Nursery a child-centered area, where all the children aim and achieve to the best of their abilities.

What makes Baby Bird Nursery Standout?


    • Our Creative Curriculum enables children to learn through playing.
    • We have a dedicated team of Management, Teachers and Assistants who are caring and offer a conducive learning environment for the children.
    • Secure, wide indoor and outdoor play areas which are fully covered.
    • Our classrooms are big and very airy as we use air purifiers in each classroom.


  • Our classrooms are well lit because we have very large windows which allow natural light to come in.



  • When the seasons change mostly from the month of November, the children can enjoy various outdoor activities as our outdoor play area has a combination of playground structures designed  for small children; slides, climbers (stairs in this case) playhouses, sandbox all which help children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment.
  • We have different sporting activities during each season and we have professionals coming in from various sporting academies from across the country.
  • We also have a Nursing Mothers Section for those mothers who want to come in and feed their babies during breaks from work.
  • Our Management is always available to attend to the needs of families as they are our priority.